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Hello! I'm Lila Castaneda. I'm based in Phoenix, AZ!


I've lived in a variety of states including California and Oregon, and have traveled to Mexico, France, Italy, Southeast Asia, and Central America. My dream is to shoot destination weddings & specialty photoshoots outside of the US, but for now I'm loving the southwest sunsets and gorgeous mountain ranges that make up our lovely Valley of the Sun. 

I've been photographing since 2012 but have since narrowed down my specialty to all things bridal, wedding, and celebrations of love. I shoot 35mm film in my free time that leans more into the fine arts. A fun fact about my photography journey is that it began in the darkroom at my university, starting with developing and printing 35mm film, an art I continue to this day. I look forward to incorporating analog film into my client wedding work, so be on the look-out for that add-on!

When I don't have a camera in hand you'll probably find a coffee or tea. I spent years making a living as a barista & baker as my photographic career took wings, which is why I love hosting my client consultations at a local coffee shop. If you book with me, you're most likely getting a little treat before we get down to business. 

I am an inclusive photographer, whether it's you or your loved ones, rest assure that I have your back as I document your story. Your representation matters, and I strive to show that in my portfolio as we make our way through 2024 and onward.

For more information on the booking process, please visit my CONTACT page.

NOW BOOKING 2024 - 2025

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